MOVE 18mnths-3 1/2 years

Classes cost $85 every 4 weeks. Enrollment is ongoing so join at any time!
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(18 months – 2 years)

For most children, this class is one of their first experiences in a classroom setting. Kids at this age are new to getting guidance from someone other than Mom or Dad, working together in a group environment, sharing and transitioning from activity to activity. Our hope for Happy Feet is to help them with this process. This class is led by the instructor but supported by the caregiver. Put your inhibitions aside and show your child how to follow the teacher’s directions. These classes are full of stimulation in sight, touch and sound.  We use songs, puppets, musical instruments, props, bubbles, body movement and gross motor skill development games to keep the students engaged and having fun.  This class keeps pace with your child’s sense of play as well as their desire to learn. Happy Feet is used as a foundation for our ballet/tap classes.   (Check Schedule)

** Adult participatory

(18 months – 2 1/2 years)

Tot Hop is the answer when your 18 months to 2 ½ year old has already got mad swagger and they choose Beyoncé over Beethoven. For most children, this class is one of their first experiences in a group learning environment. Tot Hop is led by the instructor but supported by the child’s grown up. This is a grown-up participation class where teacher and caregivers will work together in a group setting, sharing and transitioning from activity to activity.  This dance class is filled with the beginnings of a variety of hip hop movements, however, our primary goal is to help our tiny dancers to achieve age appropriate developmental milestones in a supportive, creative and nurturing environment and of course to pick up a few crazy cool moves along the way. The curriculum also incorporates the ideas of sharing, waiting your turn, separation, coordination and rhythmic body movement. Put your inhibitions aside and show your child how to get their groove on. Tot Hop is a great foundation for all of our classes, not to mention a great prep for pre-school.  (Check Schedule)

** Adult participatory


(2’s – transition)

Our 2 year old ballet/tap class is the first step into a more ballet based curriculum. You are moving on up into the ‘big kid’ world of dance. The 2 year old class is one of our most challenging classes on the schedule. This class is about not only ballet and tap but also about the difficult process of transitioning away from the caregiver and following only the teacher’s direction. The ultimate goal for this class is to have you out of the classroom and beaming proudly through the window as you watch your little one dancing confidently on their own. In this class the caregiver may be in the room but is only there as a physical presence. We ask that he/she not talk or interact with their child in any way. This is the best way for your child to understand that the teacher is in charge of the classroom. Get ready to move, shake and groove! (Check Schedule)


(2 1/2 – 3 1/2 years)

At this age, dance should be about learning to nurture creativity in movement. Developing coordination and promoting self-esteem, combined with learning basic positions and terminology, are the building blocks of our creative dance curriculum. Our amazing teachers help your children to foster a love for dance with the help of fantastic music and the use of props and costumes. Creation Station Studio City hopes to be the movement foundation for our dancers for many years to come! (Check Schedule)

*In our 2 & 3 year old classes parents/caregivers are always out of the room.