Recital 2018

RECITAL 2018 INFORMATION (download info)

What is the Creation Station Studio City Recital?

Each year Creation Station puts on a studio wide recital.
Every class is invited and encouraged to participate (yes – even the Happy Feet kids!).
We do the recital at the start of Summer, this year it will be held
Saturday June 9th and Sunday June 10th, 2018
at Madison Middle School in North Hollywood.

We have 6 separate shows throughout the 2 days:
Saturday June 9th
10:30am all Saturday Classes
1:00pm all Monday Classes
3:30 all Wednesday Classes
Sunday June 10th :
10:30am all Friday and Sunday Classes
1:00pm all Tuesday Classes
3:30pm all Thursday Classes

This recital day is one of the best days of the year!

Our recital philosophy is just as it is in our dance classes – we want the children to feel empowered, excited, and proud to show off for family and friends on the “big stage”. This is not about a perfect, polished performance and stress filled environment. We want toprovide a loving, positive, nurturing place for kids to perform.

The students will be working on their dances from now until the show date.
My heart fills with pride each year, as even our youngest kids, get up on that stage and try their hardest. It truly is one of the cutest and happiest days ever!

I know that some of you may have ‘nappers’ that are scheduled for a show that conflicts with your schedule and I apologize in advance for that, unfortunately with so many participants, some people have to be inconvenienced. Hopefully, as it is for only one afternoon, the reward will far outweigh the risk!!

The shows run approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. We ask that you stay for the entire show out of respect for our last performers (they need clapping too!) also, all of the children will be doing a special number together at the end of the show. In years past, people have commented that the little ones should go first, we have found that the youngest dancers need time to settle in and
observe for a bit before they are ready to go onstage.

Keep in mind,
‘youngest’ is subjective as the average age of our students is 3 ½.
I also try to vary the age ranges throughout the show so the audience doesn’t have 3 Happy Feet classes in a row.

Before the show begins, we ask all kids and parents to come up onstage and explore, dance, and take pictures so that they can see what it is like up there before their number.  The show opens with a performance by the incredible teachers at Creation Station Studio City and we close the show by having all the participants come onstage for a grand finale!

I try to keep the cost of the show low enough so that everyone is able to participate.
The cost will be $85. The recital fee covers participation,
the costume (consists of a tutu and headpiece),
2 tickets and a digital download of the entire show.

You may purchase additional tickets for $5 a piece.

I hope this answers some preliminary questions about the recital.

I can guarantee that this will be an amazing day for you and your child!