Well – the show must go on as they say and barring anymore natural disasters or the whim of LA Unified – we WILL be having a show SUNDAY JANUARY 21st!!!

A few reminders :

If your dancer is in a ballet class they should have received a leotard (or in one case a skirt) please wear with white or light pink tights and bring the proper shoes. If you are unsure what type of dance your class is doing, bring both ballet and tap shoes 🙂

If your dancer is in tap, musical theater or hip hop your dancer should have received a t-shirt, please wear with black leggings/pants and your proper shoes – tap or tennis shoes.

Doors will open at 130.

The show will start at 2pm with a holiday number from our fabulous teachers. The show will be quite long so I have included a time frame for classes performance at the bottom. Please be aware that these times are approximate. I will do my best to stay accurate, however, I fail at most attempts.

Your child will sit with you during the show and I will call them up to stage when it is their turn to perform. You will have a program to follow along. Again hopefully your child is listed and name spelled correctly or you will once again uncover one of my shortcomings. (Forgive me in advance if this occurs) Also bring your reading glasses ’cause this font is small – real small. After they perform they can enjoy the rest of the show in their original seats or you can bail on the whole darn thing.

The show will end by 5 (- insert ‘spiritual being’ – willing) with a crowd pleasing all dancer number complete with singing and arm movements. We invite all the dancers, who have stuck it out to the bitter end, back onto the stage to participate in one last song so that you can be filled with the holiday spirit before heading back out into the real world.

We will be collecting items from the attached wishlist at the event. You may drop them in the lobby of the event when you arrive.

The event will be super chill fun and festive! There will be popcorn, cotton candy and other unhealthy items sold in the lobby at $2 each – remember it is all for charity.

Soooo bring your dancer, your camera, your money, your donation, your patience, your holiday spirit and your awesome selves to #DANCETRAVAGANZA2017!!!!!!!

The rest :

LET’s Move Shake Groove and Give!!
Sunday January 21st
Van Nuys Middle School
5435 Vesper Ave
Van Nuys CA 91411
(theater entrance on albers, parking on albers in school lot)

You are given 2 tickets with enrollment. Everyone over the age of 3 , excluding dancers, needs a ticket).
Additional tickets $10


Benefitting “Inner City Arts”

Founded in 1989, Inner-City Arts is a learning oasis in the heart of downtown Los
Angeles. Under the guidance of professional teaching artists, Inner-City Arts’ students
are immersed in a safe and supportive environment where they engage in a variety of
visual and performing art forms in studio and theater settings. Services include classes
during the instructional day for elementary students, after-school, weekend and
summer workshops for teens and creativity-based professional development for
Children who attend Inner-City Arts develop skills that are highly valued in the 21stcentury
workforce such as collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. We have also
found consistent and significant gains in student proficiency in English language arts—
a 15% average increase among English language learners and a 10% average increase
among whole school populations where we provide services, as well as a 6.5%
average gain in mathematics.


We are also collecting items from their wish list. Please choose an item from the list and bring to event or drop at the studio.




TEACHER DANCE kick off – 200

Monday classes – 200-230

Tuesday classes – 230-300

Wednesday classes 300-330

Thursday classes 330-400

Saturday classes 400-430

Sunday classes 430-500


We are looking forward to celebrating an amazing organization, “InnerCity Arts” and the awesomeness of your children!